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An attempt to solve the problem
Episode 5530th March 2022 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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Welcome back to another episode of "I Totally Relate". This recording is an interview with Michael Weiss. He is an entrepreneur who has two businesses to help serve this community. He has 10 years in Drug and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation facilities. He opened his own business "Michael Weiss Mentoring" to help deepen the work to close the gap in treatment facilities. He also runs "Ketamine ISS" to help coach and support those who are utilizing ketamine as a healing tool.

Michael walks us through the different narratives we have in this country about drugs. By continuing to ignore what we have learned about drugs and addiction, we are furthering the problem by making it a moral failing. Really, addiction is an attempt to solve another problem. He knows this first hand because he experienced a Heroin addiction for several years. With the introduction of alcohol from a friend's parents house, and hard drugs from the understanding he received in D.A.R.E., Michael experienced a lot of hard drug use until the early 2000's when he was introduced to Oxycontin during the opiodemic. That was the warm blanket of security he was looking for until it uprooted his lift.

Michael shares very insightful wisdom about how he got there and how he found recovery and healing through his first hand experience. He gives us great journal prompts to personally reflect. We talk about anger, relationships, trauma, psychedelics, feeling our emotions, society's approach, and inner child work. Michael shares a great gift with us by offering his learnings to us. This is an very impactful conversation.

If you enjoy this conversation and would like to get in touch with Michael, you can find him on instagram or on his website Michael Weiss Mentoring or Ketamine ISS or just give him a call at 385-743-9007.

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