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Why Automation Could Be the Key To Employee Engagement with Esker's Dan Reeve
Episode 164th November 2021 • Digital Transformers • Supply Chain Now
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You've heard of automation "stealing" jobs - but what if it actually has the potential to attract and retain more workers? Everywhere you look across the supply chain, people are missing - but the impact is perhaps nowhere more apparent than in customer service, where some companies have lost up to 50% of reps. And in the absence of workers, those same companies are feeling the gaps in their digital transformation efforts. Could emerging automation and artificial intelligence-based technologies pick up the mundane tasks around the building - making way for employees to focus on more impactful work? In this episode, co-hosts Kevin L. Jackson and Scott Luton discuss that possibility with Dan Reeve, sales director at Esker. Tune in as they trace the recent breakdown in customer service levels - and the promise of technology to enhance both bottom lines and more meaningful professional lives - all in one fell swoop.

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