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EP 232 Intuition in Business: The Key to Following Your Inner Voice
Episode 23227th February 2024 • Live & Lead With Heart • Alexandra Swenson-Ridley
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By honing your intuition and trusting your inner guidance, you can reduce stress, increase creativity, and make more aligned decisions in life and business. Embracing intuition as a valuable tool for navigating challenges and opportunities can lead to greater fulfillment, authenticity, and success in various aspects of your life.

In the podcast episode, Dr. Alex delves into the importance of listening to one's intuition and following one's true passion in business for impactful results.

 Time Stamps

00:01:59 - Connecting to Our Inner Voice

00:02:52 - Business Decisions and Gut Feelings

00:04:05 - Reflecting on Coaching Investments

00:05:08 - Reevaluating Business Practices

00:07:09 - Following Intuition in Business

00:08:03 - Client Success Story: Career Change

00:09:17 - The Cost of Ignoring Intuition

00:10:00 - The Heart's Role in Intuition

00:11:44 - Cultivating Intuition

00:13:09 - Introducing the Shift Mastermind

00:14:57 - Heart-Focused Breathing Technique

00:16:22 - Mastermind: Reinventing the Wheel

00:18:50 - The Shift Mastermind's Vision

00:20:58 - Clearing Uncertainty with Intuition

00:21:51 - Aligning Passion with Business Decisions

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