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Mastering your Business through Cyclical Living | Brittany Reid
Episode 13724th March 2021 • The Sovereign Society • Sabrina Riccio
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More than just building your business, but running your successful business comes down to you honoring your energy and truly valuing your time. As you begin to honor your cycle and how you feel during the various phases, you can begin to design a business and life that's in alignment and truly supported, honoring the waves of your energy and emotional state. This is especially critical when you're a mamma running your successful online empire and raising your family.

Back on the Sovereign Society Podcast is Brittany Reid and this time, we're talking all about mastering your business through cyclical living. Of course, with motherhood, you'll not only be navigating through the highs and lows of your energy, but you're also on a journey of cultivating balance and boundaries with your business, partner, and child as well. It's time to destigmatize what it means to be an entrepreneurial mamma and embrace the gift that we live in a time of modern technology where we can run our business and live life to its fullest.

In this episode, we talk about...

◆ Cultivating balance + boundaries with business, partners, family, children, and self

◆ Navigating through postpartum while running an online business

◆ Transcending Stigmas around mental health

◆ Embracing the little things as major successes

◆ The Starseed children sharing their wisdom

◆ Brittany's decision not to share her children on social media and adapting tech into the lives of our future leaders

◆ Cyclical Living to plan and grow your business around your cycle

◆ Creating Practical and Useful Courses + Programs that are actually useful to implement

◆ Discover More about Brittany Reid ◆

Brittany is the founder of a luxurious & spiritually rooted brand, Cyclical Living, that is revolutionizing the way women approach their business through their 28-day cycle.

Cyclical Living was something she was fascinated about when she struggled coming off birth control at a young age. This lead her to study Holistic Nutrition and diving into Wholefood Culinary to heal her body when she was 22. After she rediscovered the potent teachings of her cycle, the depth of trust and power that came from reclaiming her feminine nature, she began sharing this with other women in business.

How did she grow and scale a business in harmony with her energy paired with powerful strategy? Her cycle.

Cyclical Living is an intuitive & structured method for women entrepreneurs who desire to step into a deeper space of leadership in themselves by connecting back to their 28-day cycle and working in a way that is more efficient because it's within rhythm rather than against it.

It's about doing business differently here.




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