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Do You REALLY Want To Be A Millionaire?
Episode 749th May 2023 • Transcend the Podcast • Asha Wilkerson, Esq.
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Are you caught up on chasing the million dollar dream? So many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed and lost trying to chase someone else's vision without stopping to evaluate if it's really for them. Knowing burnt out and frustrated too well, I invite you to ask: do you really want to be a millionaire, do you really need to be? Find out how you can start living a life that works for you and chase the bag that fits your life vision.

In this episode, I cover how to:

  • Reflect on whether you truly want and need a million-dollar business or if you're just chasing someone else's dream.
  • Dream without restrictions and write down what your ideal lifestyle and business would look like.
  • Calculate the actual cost of living your dream life, including expenses, retirement savings, and big purchases.
  • Reevaluate your business goals based on your personal lifestyle and financial needs, rather than simply aiming for a million-dollar business.

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Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:01:09 - The Millionaire Business Hype,

Asha talks about her experience chasing a million-dollar business, realizing that it was not her goal, and feeling ungrounded, insecure, doubtful, and anxious.

00:04:03 - Chasing Somebody Else's Dream,

Asha shares her own realization of how she was chasing somebody else's dream, first when she opened her own law practice and repeated the same style of practice that she had just come from and second when she was chasing a million-dollar business that wasn't the right fit for her.

00:06:00 - Custom Tailoring Your Dream Business,

Asha shares how she calculated her dream numbers by thinking about what kind of lifestyle she wants to have and what it takes to fund that lifestyle in order to take the pressure off of chasing a million-dollar dream and start chasing her own dream.

00:09:05 - Dreaming Without Restrictions,

Asha advises listeners to dream without restrictions, calculate the actual cost of living their dream life, and stairstep it so they can chase after the bag that fits their lifestyle and not feel overwhelmed, like an impostor, or drowning.

00:12:49 - Taking Charge of Your Life,

Asha emphasizes the importance of being in control of your life and making sure that you are headed in the right direction.