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Melding Science, Magic, Conciousness, Healing
Episode 427th November 2022 • Think Awe • Kevin Ferguson
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A startling array of the broad goals of traditional magic (mind over matter, conjuring, healing, predicting, telepathy, etc.) have very recently been achieved by modern science, tech, engineering and mathematics. Intent and the state of consciousness plays a role, especially in healing, and science is helping to shed light on all of this. We review tech for reading someone's mind, seeing someone else's visions, controlling someone else's body, levitation, seeing the future, inducing trances, mystical experiences, conjuring beasts made from parts of different species and healing.  As modern science enters a new era of rapid drug development for treating symptoms and managing chronic conditions, science seems to do more to show what traditional magic and folk healing can do for healing. 


-"Hyperrealistic neural decoding for reconstructing faces from fMRI activations via the GAN latent space",

-Open Water:

-"Neural correlates of the psychedelic state as determined by fMRI studies with psilocybin",

-fNIRS detects states of conciousness, mystical experiences:

- "Scientists Control One Person's Body With Another Person's Brain",


-"Engineers light the way to nerve-operated prosthetics of the future",

-"Why brain-controlled neuroprosthetics matter: mechanisms underlying electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves in rehabilitation",

- Levitation: & &

-"Top 20 Applications of Deep Learning in 2022 Across Industries",


-"What to Expect During Surgery",

-"List of Heart Block Medications",

-"Foxglove: Ancient cure, modern medicine",

-"Ranked: The Most Prescribed Drugs in the U.S.",

- Blood Pressure: 30% of patients achieved target

- Antibiotic: "Epidemiological studies find that those who are poorly nourished are at greater risk of bacterial, viral, and other infections.":

- Cholesterol: Psychological stress was a risk factor for lipid disorders, and suitable physical activity was protective in this situation.

- Pain/Inflammation: Inflammation -> Meditation: "may lead to a reduced risk of inflammation-related diseases": "What Is the Molecular Signature of Mind-Body Interventions? A Systematic Review of Gene Expression Changes Induced by Meditation and Related Practices":

-Breathing: Meditation for asthma: Systematic review and meta-analysis: " some evidence that meditation is beneficial" need more data

-Thyroid: drug is synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine; Low stress "exploratory behavior were correlated with peripheral TH" (Thyroid hormone).

-Stomach Acid: food, stress relief via placebo + meditation REF: (non scholar

-Antidepressant: Placebos, meditation, guided journeys (drum and/or psychedelics aided) all help. REF: (non scholar

-Diabetes: Diet REF: "Super Immunity", Fuhrman

-Diuretic: Taken for high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, other causes of edema; Diet,

-Seizures: = = C:\Projects\drugi\esoterica\references\_ontology\placebo\meditation\TM_doubleEdgedSwordInEpilepsy_j.yebeh.2006.04.019.pdf

- "Photosensitivity and Seizures",

-"Method of detecting visual stress and photosensitive epilepsy triggers in video and mitigation device",

-"Dance on the Brain: Enhancing Intra- and Inter-Brain Synchrony",




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