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From Escalating Cyber Risks to Recovery At Scale – Security Special With Doward Wilkinson, Sr. Product Manager, Veritas
Episode 3431st January 2023 • Tomorrow's Tech Today • Sally Eaves
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In this episode we explore the state, scope, scale and sophistication of today’s heightened and expanded cybersecurity threats, especially regards ransomware and malware. We unpack the technology that can make a difference, from network segmentation, virus scanning and the application of AI for active threat intelligence - right through to resilient backup and recovery. And equally we unpack the holistic nature of negating cyber risks, notably attention to skills, shared responsibility culture, integrative compliance, agile change management, DevOps and AIOps and even cyber insurance.

So with a recent Veritas study showing that about 80% of their customers now have a ‘cloud first view of the world’ alongside a dedicated approach or ‘6 Steps’ to address ransomware, this was an ideal moment to explore these interconnected themes and upcoming trends with Doward Wilkinson, Sr. Product Manager, at Veritas. Additionally, we share some ‘moments with meaning’ that we hope may inspire you, or someone you know, to explore cybersecurity and the tech sector more broadly as a future career!

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