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Did you know secrets to your success can be found right under your nose? Part 2 | Ep 26
8th September 2021 • Victory in Mind • Waceke Wambaa
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In this final of a 2 part series that reminds us the secrets to our success can be found right under our noses, I touch on two of some of the ‘easy-to-say', 'hard-to-do' category of actions we all need at some point to perform in our lives. 

Call it weeding, call it purging, call it nurturing… until it gets done, it’s hard to claim success in whatever your objective may be. Be encouraged after listening to this podcast episode, having been  armed with additional tools to help you live with victory in mind! 

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[00:01:05] Introduction to the show, recapping the first episode in this 2 part series that focuses on the first 3 of the 5 secrets to your success highlighted in this 2 part series.

[00:02:11] In this second part of the series, we will be highlighting the final 2 points in finding the secrets to your success.

[00:02:31] Number four, getting rid of what no longer fits.

[00:04:55] Nutrition. What are we feeding our hearts, our souls with in this new season?

[00:06:33] As a recap: The 5 points discussed in this 2-part series.

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Thanks for staying tuned to Victory in Mind. We appreciate you. I'm your host, Waceke Wambaa  thanking you for joining me on our podcast today. Remember you have a future. You have a hope.

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Did you know secrets to your success can be found right under your nose? Part 2 | Ep 26


[00:00:30] Are you concerned about your future, the state of the world and how to best navigate the options or lack thereof that life's throwing your way? Well welcome to Victory in Mind, the podcast that focuses on practical strategies and solutions and living out our created potential. Together our tribe motivate, activate, educate, engage, challenge, and inspire us all towards our created potential. You have a future. You [00:01:00] have a hope. So don't give up.


And we talked about goal setting - where we cast visions, whether it's for a promotion, a presentation, something in the home or in the marketplace, [00:02:00] we continue to set goals for our kids' success for them to be successful in school, that we too should think about setting and working towards our own goals.


[00:02:31] Number four, getting rid of what no longer fits.

ter. You might have had that [:

That book bag that you son or daughter loved and they were much younger when you got it. And it was a phase that they were going through. But now you recognize that as your youngin's getting older, that childish book bag, the accessories, et cetera, no longer fit the person they are becoming. So you get rid of the thing. Not because it doesn't work, but because it addressed the needs and environment that belonged to a previous season that no longer fit into the season your child is now in.


[00:04:55] And nutrition. Think about it. You as a parent [00:05:00] are wondering and trying to figure out what are the kids going to eat before school, in school and after school? Who's going to cook the meals? Yes, there are those kids were self-sufficient either by age, by training or circumstance, but often you as a parent has to make sure every T's crossed and every I's dotted because you know that your kid's success has a foundation that includes a well-balanced nutritional component to it.

So too for us. How are we nurturing ourselves in this new season? What are we feeding our hearts, our souls with? Does our spirit feel alive and thriving or beat down depressed, uncertain, and afraid? Feeding the soul revolves around what you hear and see. Those gates are fed by that which will keep you thriving in the new season versus that which will pull you down slowly but surely to a place that does not nurture you when you have purposed to live with victory in mind.


As we take a page out of how we want our kids to be successful as we prepare them for this new school semester and beyond, we want to remember what it is for us to be successful in our own lives. [00:06:33] As a recap:

Number one: Flexibility - Isn't it about time we too exercise our own flexibility muscles towards the success of all our end of year endeavors and beyond?

Number two: Preparation - We prepare our kids for success, isn't it about time we too diligently prepared and work towards our own success?

Number three: [:

Number four: Getting rid of what no longer fits - For our kids' success, we work and get rid of what no longer fits, what's out of season. Isn't it about time we too purpose to be out with the old and embrace the new as we work towards our own success?

And number five: Nutrition - We do our best to make sure our kids have the necessary nutrition they need for success. Isn't it about time we too set and work towards the success of our nutrition? Whether it's our hearts, our minds, our spirit... feed yourself with the good stuff!


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Remember, you can go to our website, for show notes, as well as links to download and subscribe. We're looking for people to live out their full created potential. Come, join the tribe. Remember you have a hope. You have a future.