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Highways Voices, 6 January - TRB with Aimsun
Episode 16th January 2022 • Highways Voices • Paul Hutton
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This week's Highways Voices hears about the major Transportation Research Board meeting in the US, where guest Matthew Juckes of Aimsun explains how "it really started off more as an academic research oriented conference but over the last 10 years... operations and the systems people and just more of the professionals in the industry, not just the academic side, have come to it and use it as a working place for various committees."

The company's President in the US explains how the event is significant for everyone because it looks at all aspects of transport. "TRB is all encompassing - from pavement and road surfacing to traffic signals, controllers, to traffic management operations, to academic research on new algorithms and new approaches," he says. He explains how a lot of the AI machine learning data analytics space has really taken off, bringing together systems engineering, product development, hardware and core engineering, bridge design and road surface design, tied in with what academia is researching.

The interview also talks about the latest in modelling for pedestrians and cyclists and how you can use real-time data and modelling to inform on the best way to alleviate traffic jams before they even happen and, as he spoke with New York in the background, how a major city can benefit from this.

You'll also hear why Professor Phil Blythe of Newcastle University wins Adrian's Accolade, plus a round-up of the week's news.

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