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#49 8 Steps to Create FUNNY Ads that get Millions of views that Convert into Sales!
Episode 4915th February 2022 • Jonny Ross Fractional CMO • Jonny Ross
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It's episode 49, I loved recording this, Joseph has so much energy, I ended up simply listening myself! Fancy creating a funny ad to get millions of views and converting that traffic into sales, this is the pod for you!

Joseph Wilkins founded and grew FunnySalesVideos, where he and his team create refreshingly entertaining sales videos that turn viewing into buying.

His campaigns are extremely successful and he has previously worked with the likes of Google, LinkedIn, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs, Chevrolet, Home Depot and other mega brands.

With two decades experience, hundreds of millions of TV & online views and hundreds of millions of dollars in tracked sales, Joseph has developed 8 simple steps any business can follow to boost online sales!

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