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Why Multi-Sensory Reading Programs Work with Hanna Stroud
Episode 13518th April 2023 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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Of all the educators on IG that I follow, I think I’m the biggest fangirl of Hanna at My Literacy Space.  Over the past few years, I’ve so enjoyed what Hanna has put into their space – creative ways to teach literacy, helpful information about the science of reading, and a health smattering of fun!  In today’s podcast, I discuss why multi-sensory reading programs work with Hanna.  If you’ve found yourself knowing that you child needs multi-sensory reading programs but not knowing a ton of supporting details, this episode is for you! 


Meet My Guest:

Hanna Stroud has been a Literacy Tutor & Consultant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 2008. Hanna is passionate about sharing structured literacy tips, multisensory activities, and their favourite picture books to educators and caregivers. Making learning fun and engaging doesn't mean we forget to follow the science of reading for evidence-based skills and strategies.



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