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Business Leader/Arts Advocate/Band Singer w/ Heather Dunn
Episode 57th September 2021 • Imagine This Podcast • Imagine MKE
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This week we welcome Heather Dunn, senior vice president and chief financial officer of West Bend Mutual Insurance Company. She’s wrapping up her tenure as one of the three co-chairs of the United Performing Arts Fund 2021 Community Campaign, and brings her lifelong passion for the arts – fueled by experiences like working as a Dickens caroler at the American Club in high school and singing throughout college – to volunteer leadership in the Milwaukee arts community.  

In the intro, the crew talks about their own recent artistic pursuits – taking auditions, acting in commercials, and more. If there’s anything Lindsay can audition for on our next recurring bit, send the information our way. 

Heather joins the pod at 14:10. Growing up surrounded by arts and books (15:40), forks in the road between the arts and other interests (19:50), West Bend Insurance’s band (24:50), Heather’s nonprofit service (28:45), reacting to the pandemic and the arts as a way to heal (32:15), the importance of funding the arts (39:00), turn as Czar of Arts and Culture (44:15). 

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Music Transitions: “Milwaukee Strong,” by Shonn Hinton, featuring the Milwaukee All Stars 

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