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Adulting with Ebonie - Ebonie Allard EPISODE 7, 18th January 2018
The One About Being Different, Bipolar & Fat
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The One About Being Different, Bipolar & Fat

Meet Hazel Butler

Hazel is a freelance writer and content marketer helping fabulous female entrepreneurs build dedicated tribes of ideal clients. She's also a best-selling urban fantasy author, Huffington Post blogger, and Editor at Sci-Fi Fantasy Network. She has recently recorded a BBC short film on bipolar disorder and is a advocate for the work of both Bipolar UK and Mind charities.

You can find out more about Hazel here:

The Write Copy Girl's website: www.thewritecopygirl.com

YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UCV7uggsoEZ_0TrEQ7pp23NQ

Facebook page: facebook.com/thewritecopygirl

Author website: hazel-butler.com

Twitter: twitter.com/WriteCopyGirl

Fav quotes from this episode:

‘Fat girls shouldn’t do this, fat girls shouldn’t do that’

‘Life is not supposed to be this hard’

'In my teens and 20s I was fearless!'

‘There is so much more to life than you think there is! Why on earth are you holding back?’

'Put me to bed, turn my phone off and tell me it's bed time!'

'I’m an adult but I don’t do the washing up, ever!'

In this episode we talk about:

  • Being an Entrepreneur with bipolar disorder
  • The line between the responsibility of what we have to get done, and the fun stuff!
  • How you can support others struggling with their mental health
  • Coming to terms with being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and advice for your younger self
  • Breaking down the internal barriers of what you ‘should’ look like
  • That it’s OK to live each day one day to the next


Plus, we have a good chat about the the notion of perfect, what it means to be ‘done’ and having achieved the ‘ideal’ life. We commend the likes of Stephen Fry and Carrie Fisher and are thankful for them as important role models in the breaking down of mental health stigma, and agree that sometimes it’s OK to want to watch DuckTales all day long!