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Level-up Engineering - Coding Sans EPISODE 24, 5th August 2020
HubSpot's Secret for Onboarding Engineering Leaders: Nadia Alramli (Engineering Director, HubSpot)
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HubSpot's Secret for Onboarding Engineering Leaders: Nadia Alramli (Engineering Director, HubSpot)

Building trust across the board and becoming familiar with the whole context of a company is a common challenge for engineering leaders and managers as they transition to a new workplace. Nadia Alramli explains HubSpot's process to set up newly hired managers for their role.

In this interview we're covering:

  • The challenges of transitioning to a new company as an engineering leader
  • HubSpot's engineering leader onboarding process
  • The idea behind the process
  • Differences between the leadership onboarding and the engineer onboarding experience
  • The documentation of the process
  • The crucial factors
  • Measuring the success
  • Alternatives of HubSpot's manager onboarding process

Excerpt from the interview:

"Engineering leaders during the embedding process don’t have privileged access to information, nor management responsibilities. They’re expected to focus exclusively on doing an individual contributor’s job. They take the same training courses and go through the same engineer onboarding process as everyone else.

Leaders and managers are switching between the different engineering teams they will be responsible for in this period. They’re building features, fixing bugs, and reporting to the manager of the team they’re working with at the time.

The embedding experience is a great way to learn HubSpot’s tech stack, the product details, and the guiding principles. But really, it’s all about the relationships you get to build with the engineers. The whole point is the trust you build."

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