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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 25th September 2015
Does your audience look forward to your posts on social media?
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Does your audience look forward to your posts on social media?

Corinna Essa (1)
Corinna Essa is known internationally as the go-to person when it comes to social media marketing. 
Corinna started using Twitter to market products. Within 3 weeks, she had replaced her full-time income working only 2 hours a day. 
Corinna now owns a social media marketing company helping businesses around the world leverage the power of social media without doing any of the legwork. 
She shares her ground breaking strategies to people around the world, and has helped thousands of individuals and businesses from Australia, the UK, New Zealand, UAE, Switzerland and Cyprus get consistent returns from their social media marketing efforts.


Corinna's first ever job was helping her dad with his newspaper subscribers.

Corinna's dream was to become a TV producer. She even went to school for it. She lost her job in the middles of the financial crisis. She attended a marketing seminar and she never looked back. 
What skills did you take away from TV producer job into your entrepreneurship journey?
  • Work ethic
  • Work as a team
  • Borrow other peoples brains
  • Project coordination
When you are starting out, there is a huge learning curve. Expect to work hard. If you really want to be successful, you have to work towards it. Eventually you can delegate and systems but until you get to the point, 
Corinna used affiliate marketing on twitter and within 3 weeks started making money. 
How do you build a following on twitter?
  • Be among the first to report news relevant to your industry.
  • Respond back to comments and questions. 
  • Consistency
  • Twitter advertising
Tools that Corinna recommends
  • BuzzSumo 
  • Google Alerts
  • Buzzbundle
  • Adespresso
When someone asks a question, answer genuinely and they are expecting value.
Converting followers to email subscribers-
  • Standard conversion of getting followers to email subscribers is 20%. 
  • Make sure you put a bit of effort into something you are giving away. It should have perceived value. 
Its all abut the quality rather than quantity in content marketing.  http://ctt.ec/1t6M4 (click to tweet)
You want your audience to look forward to your posts and share with their network. 
Strategies for lead generation
Contests - people love joining contests on social media. Make it relevant and perceived value. 
It's all about the funnel after the lead magnet. What happens after they get the lead magnet? 
Mouse Trap- After people opt-in when they get redirected to the Thank You page. It is an opportunity to upsell. Offer a very small upsell. It is a way to turn them into buyers. It is more valuable to build a database of buyers versus a database of freebie seekers. Share with them a special one-time offer, continuation of what they opted into. You are getting them comfortable to buy from you. 
Any surprises in your sales funnels?
  • Tracking a campaign. Test headlines and colors. Tracking reports are never what you think are working the best. 
  • Never assume anything. 
  • Test when you are pouring money into a campaign. 
Build a strategic social media plan. Before repurposing content, come up with a strategic plan and put together a editorial calendar. 
If you could offer a first time entrepreneur only one piece of advice, what would it be?
To have patience and integrity. Everything takes time and everything happens 
Lightning Round
What trophy would you want on your mantle?
Best woman business owner of the year
What is your guilty pleasure?
What are you currently reading?
The three pillars of success
What is your productivity hack?
Taking regular breaks.
Lots of water
What is your personal motto?
If she can do it, so can I
What would you do differently, if you were given another chance?
Build a team sooner and avoid burnout. 
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