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Dune - Chapter 44
Episode 4625th February 2021 • Spice World • Spice World
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We get deja vu as Paul deals with the Stilgar matter yet again. He does have that fancy piece of paper this time though. With little resistance the room burst into “Ya hya chouhada! Muad’Dib!” in no time. Paul gives us a signal to follow him and Jessica for a reunion with Gurney Halleck. The tension of the encounter is undercut by Paul’s odd entrance, but he uses that great control to keep us focused on the matter at hand. Gurney’s knife. Threats are exchanged, feelings are shared, and a bond is restored. Gurney comes back into the fold with a song. While Paul withdraws we’re left to listen to the words of Gurney’s song...

-A little spritz of the Voice

-You can’t put a Muad’Dib on a Muad’Dib

-Nefud’s stash

-Frank so thoroughly destroyed Harmonthep

Episode Guide

04:25 Chapter Summary Begins

02:14:40 Semuta (aka Starsong)

02:33:05 Daniels Dune Gazetteer: Caladan

02:58:30 Distrans


Madame Liberte

Sparkling Rose

“Thank you, France!”

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