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Interview with Public Speaker, Educator & Author, Robert Kennedy III - Part 1
Episode 4630th September 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by the Co-Founder and President of Speak Write Now Communications. He is a serial entrepreneur and started his first business in 2001, an online music promotion portal with an internet radio station. He is an award-winning public speaker, corporate trainer and author. His books include 28 Days To A New Me, 7 Ways To Know You Should Lead and Find Your Voice: 28 Secrets To Help You Speak Up and Speak Out. He has a background in education, media, and radio. Through his training company, he works with leaders who need to deliver critical messages with confidence. He lives in the state of Maryland, where he has been featured on FOX and CW for his work around confident communications. His name is Robert Kennedy the Third and we had a great conversation that I know you're going to enjoy listening to. 

In this episode, Robert and I discuss:

  • The problem of COVID- doing too much
  • Robert’s introduction to voice
  • How starting and operating 4 different vocal groups helped him understand vocals
  • His transition into voice acting from teaching biology
  • Robert’s first interaction with radio and how that popped back up when he transitioned into voice over
  • Using sound/voice to build trust in business
  • Voice of a Leader presentation
  • Robert’s development of a 4 part assessment for voice analysis and use in leadership
  • How you can use the assessment to adjust your own vocal style
  • How to look at your intended result to change your vocal strategy
  • How babies use their vocal patterns to communicate what they need
  • Finding who wants what you have to give and how to use our voice to communicate appropriately 
  • Different systems within different styles of leadership
  • Understanding who you’re communicating with
  • introverts and extroverts
  • Morning routines

If you want to get in contact with Robert, you can find him at or He can also be found on social media on Facebook at or on LinkedIn at You can join the Story Tellers Growth Lab here: Here is the information for Robert’s book: 28 Days To A New Me: A Journey Of Commitment (2nd Edition) - 


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