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Pod 221: Your Free Guide to Space 1999 Design
Episode 2215th September 2022 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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After revealing his design inspirations from Supermarionation, Neil Poulton blasts out of orbit for Space: 1999. A smash hit in Europe, the Gerry Anderson series utilized real life Italian and Parisian designs and furnishings from a company Neil would collaborate with in the 90s through to the present day! He goes into detail about why the designs work so well and why the Eagle is not his favourite Anderson craft.

01:07 Welcome to the Ever-So-Designery Gerry Anderson Podcastery!

4:03 FAB Cluck Facts

10:20 We Interrupt this Silliness to Bring You the Podsterons

20:48 The Gerry Anderson Awks News! See links below

26:03 Posts and Cheesy Bacon Potato from the Podcast Facebook Group

31:58 Neil Poulton - Part 2

57:32 From the Comments of YouTube

59:50 Chris Dale and the Quest for the Holy Randomiser

1:22:49 Wrapping things up!

Links Mentioned

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Thunderbird 1 Launch Bay Sign

UFO: Destruct Positive!

North American Gerry Anderson Store

Thunderbirds at Tabletop Gaming Live - 17th September

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