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Dr. Fergie Reid Jr. on the Strategy To Flip Florida Blue, Part 2
Episode 1126th August 2020 • New Faces of Democracy • Nancy Bynum
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This episode of the podcast features Part 2 of the Flipping Florida Series with Dr. Fergie Reid, Jr. Dr. Reid talks about the strategy for flipping the state and its 29 electoral college votes blue, based on the work spearheaded by him and his father in Virginia, helping to flip that state in 2019. He explains the simple and intuitive concept, which is to register more voters and run candidates in every race, and why this strategy has been historically underutilized by Democrats. We talk about how Florida is ripe for the picking, with its many races in red districts uncontested by Democrats, and how Texas, Georgia and North Carolina are not far behind. And he speaks about the civil rights work of his father, Dr. Fergie Reid Sr. who ultimately became the first African American member of the Virginia state legislature since Reconstruction. To hear the first podcast in this series on flipping Florida, listen to How to Flip Florida Blue with 140 Florida Blue Project. To learn more about the work of Dr. Reid, Sr., go to or click here to donate to Florida Democrats in these forgotten but important races. 




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