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Episode 5: Part 1: Piers Redward from PayRight
Episode 57th October 2020 • TradesFormational • Adrian Fadini
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In this episode Adrian is joined by co-founder of PayRight, Piers Redward. Piers and his brother Myles founded PayRight in 2016 after realising that payment plan providers were failing to cater to the needs of service-based businesses selling bigger ticket items. With a passionate team, Payright has quickly become the provider of choice for businesses across a diverse mix of broad-reaching products and services such as direct sales businesses, trades and home improvement, education, photography, dental, and health and beauty. Importantly, Payright seeks to create win/win outcomes for merchants, and their customers by growing merchant’s businesses, and making products and services more affordable to consumers, by spreading the cost of purchases over time. Merchants are paid upfront and in full, while customers enjoy the flexibility of paying off purchases of up to $20,000 in bite-size instalments.

In the first episode of this two part series, Adrian and Piers break down the benefits of a buy now pay later option for trades businesses.

For more from Piers and the PayRight team, you can follow PayRight on social media using the links below:

Plus, if you would like to introduce PayRight into your sales process, head to the link below to sign up as a merchant (it’s free to sign up!):





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