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Ask Jes: Finding Balance in Decluttering | Navigating Temporary Chaos & Self-Care
Episode 99th October 2023 • It's All Clutter • Jes Marcy
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In this episode of Ask Jes, we delve into the power of community support, navigating temporary chaos during decluttering, and the transformative nature of self-care. Discover practical storage solutions for everyday household items like trash cans, laundry baskets, garbage pails, and composting bins to optimize your living space.

Our focus is on function-first organization, encouraging you to make room for items that truly matter. Plus, we've issued a decluttering challenge—let go of 40 clothing items and share your progress in our Facebook group.

Join us for expert insights and actionable tips on decluttering and achieving a well-organized, functional home. Don't miss the challenge; share your success on our It's All Clutter Facebook group here:

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