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#001: Best Friends with the Competition, Our Story
Episode 11st July 2021 • Talking Small Business • Kat Schmoyer & Megan Martin
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Kat and Megan have been business besties for over 5 years. After talking on Instagram and then meeting face-to-face at a conference for creatives, they quickly realized that there was something special about the friendship they were forming. Now, Kat and Megan talk (almost) every day (and their husbands laugh about it)! Their vox thread is filled with all things business, motherhood, and so much more!

On this first episode of the Talking Small Business Podcast, they're diving into what it means to be best friends with the competition and how that's impacted their relationship. They talk about:

  • what it's been like having tough conversations together
  • how they navigate their relationship when they work together
  • what they do when they offer similar things to their customers (AKA are each other competition)
  • how they've learned to focus on what they each bring to the table
  • and MORE!

Listen now and learn how you and your biz bestie can continue to encourage each other and serve your clients well ... without sacrificing your friendship!


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