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Carpinito Brothers: A Family Farming Story
Episode 428th October 2021 • Field to Fork • Made With Bacon
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In this episode of Field to Fork, we head down to the Green River Valley in Kent, where over 50 years ago two brothers turned a passion for growing pumpkins into a beloved local farm destination that encompasses over 800 acres of farmland.

In part one of our interview with Carpinito Brothers co-founder Mike Carpinito, we’ll learn about...

The pumpkin patch roots of this home-grown enterprise...

The importance and appeal of locally-farmed produce for consumers, including restaurants...

The challenges facing this family-owned business and how they’ve written their own success story....

And more!

And don't miss part two of our interview, where we move into the kitchen to get the Field to Fork focused treatment on three of Carpinito Brothers popular seasonal crops: chards, kales, and hard squashes. Learn how they’re grown, how to store and cook with them, and why they’re being featured in dishes as part of Seattle Restaurant Week.

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