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4. The Power of Data Analytics for Business
Episode 419th April 2023 • Dollars and Data: Smart Solutions For Business • William Cole Smith
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Are you a business owner who feels overwhelmed by the amount of data that's out there and you just don't know where to begin with using it in your business? I’m here to assure you that you needn't fear –- data is something that you should get a handle on, in order to grow your business – but the opportunities should absolutely outweigh the overwhelm.

It starts with understanding the simple data that exists in reading a financial statement. Build your business with a strong, data-driven foundation where you look at the numbers and learn how to stretch pennies into dollars in your business, based on the data.

From there you can look at data analytics for your competitors, your social media accounts, and new marketing opportunities. From there you can harness data to optimize your operations and predict new market trends.  

I’m encouraging you to embrace all that data has to offer you as an entrepreneur. It's a brave new world out there, full of awesome experiences. Be a part of that world and learn how to use data to help your business grow. Let’s learn about data-driven analytics and all that it has to offer. Please join me.

"Data starts with your business foundation." ~ Coleman Smith

In This Episode:

- Where do you start with understanding the power of data?

- Why financial data is so important in your business - understanding your financial statements

- Using data to stretch pennies into dollars in your business

- Harnessing data for optimizing operations and predicting market trends

- Hiring a consultant to help you with data analytics

- Understanding data mining 

- Where are you spending money - and how can you save money? (using data)

- Data analytics: use it, test it, analyze it – and repeat! 

And so much more!

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