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Summer Well Series: Grow Where You are Watered
Trailer11th August 2022 • Let's Take This Offline: The Podcast for Everyday Leaders • Kishshana Palmer
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Welcome Back Fab Friends!

For this summer mini series Grow Where You are Watered, Kishshana talks about what she’s been doing, seeing, and experiencing since ending Season 2 of Let’s Take This Offline. 

The Rooted Collaborative

For those of you listening in for the first time, Kishshana founded The Rooted Collaborative, a community and organization focused on black and brown women who are doing social good. This global community is about wellness and wellbeing, financial fortitude, personal and professional development, building real community, and leveling up women who are moving into the ranks of leadership. 

Supporting The Rooted Collaborative Community

The Rooted Collaborative has a hybrid event coming up in September, The Rooted Retreat, happening in Jamaica and virtually online, September 29th through October 2nd. The Retreat supports the conversations about giving voice to the things that matter for women and particularly for women of color and specifically for black women happening right now in the sector, as it relates to wellness, wellbeing, and to leveling up to leadership.

The Summer Well Series

This is our summer well series for all of you who are thinking “How do I do life better?”, “How do I shift?”, “How do I pivot?”, and “What is in it for me right now in this season?”. Grow Where You are Watered is the well series right here on Let's Take This Offline and Kishshana is ready to answer all of those questions and more.

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