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The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place - tridocpodcast EPISODE 72, 13th August 2021
Ep. 72: Platelet rich plasma/Kelly O'Mara

Ep. 72: Platelet rich plasma/Kelly O'Mara

In this episode:

Continuing the series on alternative therapies for injuries I look at the evidence in support of platelet rich plasma injections (PRP). While it has attracted a lot of attention and is advocated as a near miracle cure for all sorts of ailments, is there any research that actually bears out some of the claims? I take a look and give you a summary of the findings. Also, a conversation with the editor in chief of Triathlete Magazine, Keely O'Mara. Kelly is a pro triathlete with a lot of experience in and around the sport and has some great insights on all things triathlon.


[8:40]- Medical question

[27:26]- Interview