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Ep 67: From Side Hustle to a New Business: A Veterinarian and Her Headshots, with Dr. Isolde Baylor
Episode 6725th January 2023 • The Veterinary Leadership Success Show • By Dr Dave Nicol
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This week's episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show is bought to you by host Brendan Howard, and guest Dr. Isolde Baylor, a veterinarian, Mother, athlete, and photographer.

Dr. Isolde Baylor is a 1996 UPenn Vet graduate with over 30 years of experience in small animal private practice, focusing on surgery, dentistry, and ER. As a Mom with a camera, her journey to specializing in headshots began over 10 years ago when her animal hospital was updating its website. In 2022, after years of study and mentorship under New York headshot photographer Peter Hurley, she was proud to become an Associate Photographer.  Fewer than 150 photographers in the United States and only 38 women worldwide have earned this elite status and Isolde’s passion is to bring those skills to help elevate the branding images of Veterinary professionals. 


Isolde believes so much more than pressing a button and saying cheese goes into creating a fantastic headshot. Lighting, posing, and camera settings all influence the quality of the photo, but the secret ingredient is expression. Getting people to forget about the camera, and enjoy the experience so they get an awesome photo makes her day. She practices 2 days a week in suburban Philadelphia, also running her photo studio, traveling to businesses, conferences, networking events, and veterinary hospitals speaking, connecting, and photographing people and pets. 

In this episode, Isolde talks about how she turned her hobby into a business. She also discusses the challenges she experienced when starting out her new venture and issues invaluable advice to any veterinary practitioner wishing to capitalize on their side skills.

Episode Outline

[00:00] Episode Intro

[01:04] The episode starts with Brendan asking Isolde how she got started with her hobby.

[04:06] Isolde talks about how she improved her photography skills.

[06:50] How Isolde changed photography from a hobby into a business.

[07:52] The transition from a veterinary employee into a business owner.

[10:08] Isolde discusses the turn of events in her profession and business during the COVID-19 period.

[13:09] Convincing veterinary businesses to take appropriate photos for their website.

[17:00] Difference between headshot photography and other types of photography.

[21:03] Ad break- Learn more about our Leaders program.

[22:20] The episode resumes with Brendan asking Isolde if she has encountered people who are not interested in headshots for their business website.

[25:33] The effect of professional photos on new veterinary employees.

[28:30] What advice do you give professionals who are looking for a hobby?

[31:34] They discuss feedback Isolde received from prospective leads during the initial stages of her hobby and business.

[34:30] Isolde talks about burnout she experienced when she was working as a full-time vet practitioner.

[37:35] They discuss team members creating a work plan and schedule for themselves.

[40:02] Self-promotional strategies.

[44:42] Episode wraps up.

[45:17] The end.