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Back Then & Now, Everything That's Changed Since, From What You Eat to How You Speak
28th October 2022 • C Students • C Students
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On today's class we talk about Long's missing childhood (this guy literally never owned a game console growing up, YIKES!). Just kidding, because that would just be boring (...we're not kidding)!

Looking back, it's crazy to think what's changed over the years. Like how playing video games could now be a legit career choice, or seeing your favorite anime go mainstream by doing a collab with a high end fashion brand (we see you Gucci!). Even how we form relationships with people and what we say to them gradually evolved to be so different.

Get comfortable because we going nostalgic & we're going opinionated, your gonna get a piece of what we think about it all on today's class episode.

Show Notes:

03:33 | Going out in your 20's vs sleeping in in your 30's

05:42 | What we miss about our childhood

10:50 | Esports Gaming how far it's come

12:54 | Core childhood memory struggles

18:23 | Mainstream pop culture made anime & kpop cool

24:16 | Mcdondald's breakfast the universal connection we all share

27:27 | In person relationships back then vs digital relationships now

31:22 | 50/50 Dating Culture

33:38 | Saying whatever you want nowadays vs being politically correct

37:55 | Challenging the convenience of group thinking

40:23 | 3 best experiences growing up

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed the episode!

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