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27: E Minor Arpeggio Song | Mendelssohn Violin Concerto | Guided Listening
Episode 7 • 22nd February 2024 • Prodigies Music Lesson Show for Kids • Mr. Rob
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Welcome to episode 27 of the Prodigies Music Lesson Show for Kids, where Mr. Michael teaches the E minor arpeggio in Fixed Do solfege, Guides kids through listening for themes in Mendelssohn's Violin concerto in E minor, and demonstrates a "subito" piano and "subito" forte with another classical excerpt - Hummel's Trumpet Concerto in Eb!

Mendelssohn video:

Hummel video:


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P.S. Our music lesson trick….we love mixing Solfege singing with call and response rhythms in a fun and easy format, while tossing in a little music history and music theory to boot!


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