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Episode 09: You Can Be A Leader At Any Rank
Episode 931st July 2022 • 911 Shift Ready • Andi Clark
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You Can Be A Leader At Any Rank

In this episode, Andi shares a few stories about why you don’t have to be a leader in order to make a change in your team. Andi will also dive into what she has seen is missing in leadership in order to lower suicide rates and goes over the steps that need to happen in order for you to become one of those leaders.

What You'll Learn:

➡️Communicating to somebody will help you help them see the signs of burnout.

➡️Your service needs more leaders, not dictators.

➡️You can stay exactly where you are and have such an impact on your team.

➡️And a lot more! 

Favorite Quote

“A leader is not based on rank. Some of the most powerful leaders that I have ever worked with are beat cops, detectives, and specialty unit officers.” Jeff Halstead

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