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EM002: Take a risk for the Kingdom! Ultimately, you have nothing to lose. with Darius Walker of Be a Fully Funded Missionary
Episode 22nd April 2014 • Engaging Missions • Bryan Entzminger
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I’m really excited to be able to bring you Darius Walker of Be a Fully Funded Missionary this week.

Darius is a missionary and is the author of Be a Fully Funded Missionary and Money for Missionaries. I do need to say that “Darius Walker” is a pen name that he’s chosen to use for security reasons.

I first learned of Darius while looking for some fundraising ideas for a couple friends of mine in Kenya and Australia. When I found Be a Fully Funded Missionary I checked it out and then recommended they check it out. It’s more than a book – it’s a complete guide to raising funds for long-term missions.

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In this week’s interview you’ll discover:

  • What’s unique about Be a Fully Funded Missionary
  • How One step at a time has shaped his behavior and how it helped him in everything from learning languages to launching his website
  • Why one person’s counsel was proven right, but a year later
  • How God used Paul’s letters to get Darius and his family through a difficult season
  • How thankful Darius is for the team he works with and why it’s important to ask questions before joining a team
  • Four specific things you can do today that will encourage and support a missionary without spending any money
  • What D.A. Carson said that has shaped how Darius teaches and preaches
  • What one person did that helped Darius and his family as they were raising support
  • One thing that does every day that has helps him learn and grow
  • Resource recommendation: Lift App (and how it’s helping Darius develop new habits)
  • Book recommendation: Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder
  • (free if you sign up)
  • (summary, free)
  • The two things that Darius would do if he was in a new country with nothing but $500 and a computer that you can do at home right now (hint: it doesn’t involve using the computer)
  • How you can apply “Take a risk for the Kingdom. Ultimately, you’ve got nothing to lose.” whether you feel called to missions or not
  • How you can get a free copy of Called or Crazy by Darius Walker



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