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Episode 2221st April 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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Ana Marques is an MFT therapist, graduated with her Masters, additionally she is trained in evidence based trauma informed modalities. This episode is packed full of information to help us understand what trauma is and how we can process it. Ana gives us a lot of ways to visualize and understand how our bodies autonomic nervous system (ANS) unconsciously and automatically responds to situations in our lives to aid in our survival.

Ana herself is a recipient of the benefits of trauma informed therapy, and she has made it her career to help others recover the ability to self regulate. As human beings we are made to survive and to attach. In episode in 19 we discussed how survival without attachment is trauma, and in this episode we dive much deeper into what that means and how to process trauma. 

Some of the most helpful visualizations she shares with us include: the chain of trauma, how one event after another event becomes a neuro pathway shortcut and provides a specific lens for us to view situations through. She also shares the idea of a Stain-glass window and how when trauma happens to us our brain can start to function as a Stain-glass window where there are different parts of us.

Processing trauma is ultimately the acceptance of those different parts and integrating them into who we are instead of trying to ignore, or shove, or get rid of certain parts of us. Ana explains the window of tolerance and how processing our trauma creates a space between the trigger and our reaction, and in that space or that window, we then have the ability to make a conscious decision instead of an unconscious reaction.

Ana refers to several trauma gurus, you can learn more about them and read their books here:

Dr. Gabor Mate: When the body says no

Peter LeVine

Dick Schwartz

You can find Ana at one of her counseling centers:

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