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Kendra Petty's Inspiring Journey: Surviving Trauma & Thriving in the Parking Industry
7th September 2023 • All Things Parking with Dani and John • John D. Conway, Dani Crain
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In this episode, John Conway, Dani Crain, and special guest Kendra Petty discuss Kendra's remarkable journey in the parking industry, her experiences with trauma and resilience, and her recently published memoir, "I Can't Believe I'm Not Dead."

Kendra Petty is an Executive Vice President at LAZ Parking with decades of parking industry experience. Having survived—and thrived—in male-dominated industries, she is a public speaker, negotiator, dealmaker, and author of “I Can’t Believe I’m Not Dead Yet.” She loves fast cars, traveling, bouldering, and scrambling. (For those who don’t know, bouldering is a form of rock climbing, and scrambling is a form of mountaineering.)

In this episode, guest Kendra Petty and hosts Dani Crain and John D. Conway get into:

* How Kendra’s memoir changed her life. 

* The biggest story in Kendra’s book, which was extremely traumatic and affected her health for 12 years.

* How Kendra got started in the parking industry, including her first company, Central Parking System, in Los Angeles.

* How Kendra gets out of toxic situations (and you can, too). 

* Women in leadership roles in the parking industry. 

* LAZ Parking being the first woman-led company in the parking operations world. 

Get a free preview of Kendra’s memoir from her website: 

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The full title of Kendra Petty’s memoir is: "I Can't Believe I'm Not Dead: Escaping Abuse, a Cult, Attempted Murder and Other Insanities...A Story That Cannot Be True, But Is."

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