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“A Legal Perspective on Putting the Human Factor Back Into Business” – Roy Magara
Episode 5330th June 2023 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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The multi-award-winning, author and very awesome Roy Magara provides a legal perspective on putting the human factor back into business. 

It was great being able to pick up the conversation from those that we had during the pandemic when we facilitated a number of webinars together. 

Why is it that so many legal cases continue to be brought to Roy's attention? He outlines cases where employers have been called out for not caring enough. And the increasing number of cases associated with mental health and the menopause

We tackle challenging issues such as employees who claim unfair practice to mask incompetence.

We discuss whether changes in the number of legal cases are due to employee expectations, or changes in the way companies operate. 

And we connect use of language, psychological safetymental wellbeingfinancial wellbeing, and our perception of conflict with employee experience and the law. 

Bottom line: we need to focus on being human. We must seek to reduce the stress and resources associated with getting employee experience right via legal channels. 

How good are you at keeping the fact we're all human, including your managers and leaders, at the forefront of your mind? 

More about Roy:

We statistically spend most of our time thinking about, talking about and in many cases worrying about our work. As an Employment Solicitor Advocate at Magara Law, Roy works hard to help people through the legalities and complexities of their 'every day' and take the "worry" out of your statistics. People are at the heart of Roy’s practice – whether employer or employee – and Roy’s aim is to ensure that whichever side of the relationship you are, your employment rights and obligations are in check.

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