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Deborah Snow Walsh on Breaking the Cycle: Examining Generational Expectations in the Workplace (Ep. 123)
Episode 1232nd February 2023 • Remarkable Leadership Lessons • Denise Cooper
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How can Gen-Z and Millenial workers grow their careers?

With pensions and 30-year work tenures being a thing of the past, our approach to work has changed. This is especially true for younger workers, who have experienced a uniquely tricky entrance into the world. In this week's episode, Deborah Snow Walsh discusses the impact of the current generation, Gen-Z, in the workplace. This generation has grown up with different values and perspectives on work compared to previous generations especially around workplace cultures, compensation, work-life balance, and value-driven work.

If you are a leader looking to better understand the tough challenges that employers may face in managing and connecting with this generation in the workplace. this is the episode for you. If you are a Gen-Z or Millenial worker looking to negotiate a stronger salary and connect with your manager in a meaningful way, you're in the right spot. When we understand each other's values without demonizing our differences, we build workplaces where everyone can show up to the table and contribute.


  1. What do are the expectations of young professionals coming into the workplace versus other generations that might have come in earlier? [02:45]
  2. From an employer's point of view, what does it mean if Gen-Z feels less loyalty to the organizations they work for? [04:45]
  3. Many younger workers don't know how to negotiate salary, we haven't taught them how. What are the first steps they should take? [15:30]
  4. What role does one's reaction to failure play in the workplace? [22:40]




Debbie is a builder of organizations and a talent executive, focused on DEI in thought and view.  Those are her passions.  She has a unique background in sales, having successfully started her career selling large benefits packages to the Fortune 200, working for AXA Equitable.  She knew nothing about benefits, or the Fortune 200.   She was recruited to Lee Hecht Harrison, where she excelled in selling outplacement and coaching services to large, multi national organizations.  When she was recruited again into the search business, she was already focused on female and minority talent and made the decision to become an entrepreneur and open her own firm.  Ultimately, her organization included ten professionals and served companies including IBM, JPMorgan Chase, the GAP, Pfizer, AXA Equitable, and Prudential among others.  In 2011 she was recruited to Zurich Insurance to run Talent Acquisition, University Relations and Diversity.  She enjoyed the opportunity to see talent in action and build an organization.  She returned to outside search and ultimately her own firm.  Her clients include those from her previous firm as well as CDW, Icahn Enterprises, Citizens Bank, Pet Supplies Plus, Bloomberg and AIG.


She focuses on everything Talent: acquisition, development, management, assimilation, experience and retention.  Debbie’s expertise is in consulting with corporations on their internal policies and practices to make them efficient, executive search and executive coaching.  She has been involved with HRPS, was co-chair of its annual conference and various planning committees.  She is part of the original CHREATE team, understanding and addressing the HR leadership of 2025.  She is frequent and popular speaker before business groups.

Brown and Brown Insurance Company which serves other insurance company. Head of Talent for them.