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Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Joey Coleman
Episode 522nd August 2023 • Now to Next with Nick Nanton • Nick Nanton
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On the latest episode of Now to Next, join host Nick Nanton as he sits down with special guest Joey Coleman, Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, renowned speaker, and expert in customer and employee retention.

In a rapidly changing business landscape, employee retention has become a critical challenge for companies of all sizes. High turnover rates not only hinder productivity but also incur significant costs in recruiting and training new talent. However, Joey Coleman has cracked the code to keep employees loyal, engaged, and committed to their organization like never before.

Drawing from his extensive research and experience working with top-tier companies, Joey Coleman will reveal the three crucial stages that define an employee's journey and how businesses can leverage these stages to build lasting relationships with their team members.

This episode is packed with beneficial information for you and your business! Enjoy!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the episode

1:04 - The focus on Joey's latest book "Never Lose an Employee Again"

2:03 - Where the idea of "Never Lose an Employee Again" came from

6:46 - Transparency is paramount

9:25 - The behavior of employers is to blame for negative employer-employee relationships

12:50 - How Nick reevaluated vacation time for his own company to help employees

18:10 - Put the right people around you and you can accomplish anything

20:15 - The most successful employers moving forward need these two things

27:02 - Employee engagement and team building in the virtual world

31:27 - How to get in touch with Joey Coleman and get a copy of "Never Lose an Employee Again"

32:30 - Closing remarks

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