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The Grow Your Private Practice Show - Jane Travis EPISODE 53, 23rd June 2021
Why having a niche is essential in 2021
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Why having a niche is essential in 2021

Having a niche is important when you are a counsellor or therapist because it has a positive impact on you, your income and your clients outcomes - including whether they even contact a counsellor in the first place.  

It’s a topic I have a lot of experience in and I’ve seen just how beneficial it can be.  and something that affects not just us as business owners, but also our clients.

But I know and understand the reasons why we might be fearful of niching down, namely:

  • You worry you will push potential clients away, or 
  • End up doing the same type of work over and over again

If you feel like that, well you certainly aren’t alone. 

But those fears are unfounded and in this episode, I explain why the absolute opposite is true.

Come and join me in this podcast episode as we explore:

  • Why in the modern age, niching is essential to get noticed
  • How to stop the scattergun effect of trying to attract everyone
  • Why a targeted approach will attract more potential clients
  • How having a niche won’t limit the issues that you work with
  • How niching helps potential clients take that step into getting the help they need

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