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Episode #35 - Knowing Your Self-Worth...& Selling It To Be Seen
Episode 3719th September 2023 • Speaking From The Heart • Joshua D. Smith
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Being challenged to see your self-worth in what you are providing to others, whether it is through personal or professional means, can be tough on certain days when you least expect it. This often creates a number of different questions that you may need to ensure that not only you are recognizing your worth and what you bring, but to also know that you have something to sell to others! More specifically:

  1. What can you do to ensure that you keep yourself "in check" with your worth and what you bring to the table?
  2. What can you create as "selling points" to ensure that you are confident, determined, and building relationships with others?

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Intro/Outro By: Michael Dugan, Podcast Host: Voice4Chefs



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