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Clarity, Courage and Confidence for High Achievers with Ryane LeCesne
Episode 4620th October 2022 • Women in Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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Ryane LeCesne is the Master Your Mindset Coach. Since 2012, she has coached nearly 1,000 high-achieving women – specialising in the unique needs of high-achieving Black women – to advance their professional dreams by overcoming and healing from the self-limiting mindsets of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism.

She understands how frustrating it is to have followed the "blueprint to success" only to feel like you secretly lack the 3Cs – clarity, confidence, and courage– to advance your career or build your dream business. She knows what it feels like to have done "everything right" and still feel stuck and trapped second-guessing yourself and your dreams. She also knows the mindset required to take big, bold action in the face of your fears.

Her coaching process is evidence-based, holistic, transformational, and proven to be instrumental in helping high-achieving women professionally advance.

To find out more about Ryane, please use the following links:

Website: This is where you will find the quiz that Ryane talks about in this episode.




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