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Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation - Brianna Quiroga - LEX Reception Interview
Episode 128th February 2022 • Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation • Richard James
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In the latest installment of EA Nation, we're exploring various strategies on staying connected to your clients in an increasingly virtual world!

Featuring Brianna Quiroga, Lex Reception's dedicated Business Development Executive for Richard James, we'll discuss how client expectations have changed over the course of the pandemic, as well as why video meetings are here to stay.

Brianna has over 12 years of experience in legal answering and understands how to support law firms, implementing the 11 steps. This episode is packed with beneficial information for you and your firm, so sit back and enjoy another great conversation!


0:06 - Introduction and welcome to the show

1:07 - Overview on the topic of the day

3:00 - Welcoming Brianna Quiroga onto the show

7:09 - Brianna begins presentation on "Rethink Remote"

13:20 - The initial inquiry process

18:48 - Your 24/7 legal reception service

30:11 - Intake simplified: Never put a prospect on hold

32:47 - What can be done beyond the phone call

44:31 - Making every client a priority

49:15 - How to get in touch with Brianna and her team at LEX Reception

53:19 - Closing remarks

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