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The Ideas Laboratory – with Andrew Dean
Episode 2811th November 2022 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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I'm joined by Andrew Dean, Director at Menlo Park to discuss gathering feedback to shape business. 

Andrew's LinkedIn profile says it all...

Our methods and purpose come from our belief that everyone should be happy and fulfilled at work. Placing the right people, in the right roles, will increase happiness, security and productivity in the workplace, in turn, leading to people enjoying an overall greater sense of well-being in their lives.

We put those capable of making a big positive difference, within environments that embrace their qualities and with technologies that enhance their skills; driving innovation and solutions that benefit patients. People that can pursue their passion at work, persevere, stay the course and achieve great things.

Obviously, recruitment is about people, but Andrew's take on creating a company that consciously shapes the best experience for its employees is something we can all learn from, no matter our industry. 

We explore Menlo Park's 'Work from Anywhere' policy, but we really zoom in on their 'Ideas Laboratory', part of their process for hearing their people's voices.

This is a new approach that took courage to lead in-house. Andrew shares his practical ideas about:

  • How he shaped the methodology to feel safe
  • How people engaged
  • What was discovered
  • The dynamics between people who have experience elsewhere vs others whose perception of the industry is wholly Menlo Park's approach
  • What leaders should be doing to make a positive difference for their employees

More about Andrew

Andrew Dean is Director at Menlo Park Recruitment, an award winning health care recruitment consultancy. Menlo Park are back to back winners of Recruitment Agency of the Year (GP Awards), and were given a recent nod at the Recruiter Awards; highly commended in the best Public Sector Agency category. Andrew believes recruitment agencies are essentially data and marketing companies; and you have to be really good at both, in order to be successful. To be authentic and expound a set of values, you have to live them in the office. That starts with making Menlo a great environment in which to work.

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