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Stop Leaving Money on the Table
Episode 22029th March 2022 • Course Building Secrets® Podcast • Tara Bryan
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In this episode, Tara gives tips for how to look for areas of your business that can turn into a digital course, product, or additional offer that will help add to your bottom line. This can make the difference between getting by and thriving in your business.

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My name is Tara Bryan. I help business owners break into the next level of success by packaging their expertise into a scalable business. It's my passion to help you find the fastest path to results to create a greater impact and income for you and your tribe.

This podcast is 100% focused on support, tips and example sharing, and building a community of business owners who are passionate about building awesome customer experiences.

We do that by building engaging, motivating, gamified, and customer-centered digital experiences. We come up with ideas and strategies to ensure that our customers can thrive and succeed.

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Tara Bryan:

Hey everybody, it's Tara Bryan. And you are listening to the course building secrets podcast. Whether you're a coach or a CEO, the success of your team and clients is based on your ability to deliver a consistent experience and guide them on the fastest path to results. This podcast will give you practical real life tips that you can use today to build your online experiences that get results and create raving fans. Why? So you can monetize your expertise and serve more people without adding more time or team to your business. If you're looking to uncover your million dollar framework, package it and use it to scale you're in the right place. Let's dive in. Hey, everybody, welcome to the podcast. Happy to have you here today. So in this episode, I want to talk about how to stop leaving money on the table in your business. If you have ever had that thought of cheese, I feel like if only I had more time, if only I had more resources, if only I had more team, I would be able to create things that would help add more products and services to my business. But cheese, I just, it just can't quite get there, then you are here listening to the right podcast. So my goal today is to give you tips on how to stop leaving money on the table in your business. One of the easiest ways for you to add something into your business that will help you sell more is to start looking at the service you offer. The process that you go through with your clients, whatever it is that you're doing with your one on one clients is go through the process that you that you use with them. And start to identify any of those things that you talk about over and over and over and over again, or tools or checklists or tips or different things that you use with every single client that you have, start to sort of either pay attention to that when you're working with your clients, or start making a list of all of those things. So often in my agency, I call this the 51st dates where I don't know if you've seen that movie with Drew Barrymore. But every day she wakes up, and it's the she's repeating the same day. So if there are any of those moments that are in your business, it is a great opportunity for you to take those and make them into either an online course, or some type of tool or template or checklist, or something that you could package and not only provide to your clients as a way to sort of leverage your time and, and stop recreating the wheel every single time you work with a new client. But also they're probably tools or tips or you know, pieces of content and information that would be helpful for people who aren't your clients yet, right? Maybe there is some sort of pre work or prerequisites that somebody has to go through or do before they can work with you. That is an awesome thing to package into a course. So say, for example, somebody you have a one on one client and they're coming in to, you know, work on a particular project that you have sold to them right to done for your project. And and they're paying you to do it. What is sort of the front end of that? What is something that they need to have ready, or they need to do before they can effectively work with you. So take for example, maybe you're doing web design, and you're creating their website. So maybe at the beginning of an engagement with them, you can say Well, the first thing that you need to do is to take my course, which will help you create the project brief.

Tara Bryan:

You know, your messaging your copy some images, all the things that you need before you can actually build the site for them. Maybe package all of that up, put it into a course have them complete it, then it becomes a do it yourself option for people who maybe don't have the resources to pay you to do it for them. And it also becomes something that is an onboarding or sort of that first step in a client relationship. So you don't have to repeat yourself a million times and you get what you need in order to be successful. So when you think about leaving money on the table in your business, what are some of those things that you tend to repeat over and over again, see if you could package those into something that you can sell as kind of a front end or a, you know, a piece of the offer. Another example are templates, perhaps, a going back to the web design example, perhaps you have, you know, one or two templates that you use with your done for you clients, you could actually package those up and sell them to people. So they can take the templates and do do it themselves. And so it becomes a money making opportunity for you. And it is also something that then you can continue to use as you move forward. Maybe there's a special customized piece of the website that you have created, that you could sell, or you could teach people how to do lots of different options in terms of how to round out what you're offering. So even if you're just doing one on one services, project based work, there are things around what you're doing, that would make a huge impact to someone else who's actually trying to do the same thing. There's a company in the eLearning space, and they started their company, by just taking individual pictures of people in different poses, so people could use them in their training courses. So if you're creating scenarios, or you're creating different avatars, within a training, you need different images that match what the training is you're creating. So for example, they would have, you know, medical people in a medical background, right. So they would have on a lab coat and maybe how they have a stethoscope or something like that. And then they would take those pictures without a background. And they would sell those as assets that people could use in their courses. And it went off like gangbusters. But it's something that they would just use to create it, you know, in the courses that they were building for people. And they realized that there was such a gap in that in the industry that nobody had these images, everybody was going off and creating their own professional shots, which were very, very expensive to, to just create, I think they have, I don't know, 10,000 different pictures of poses of, of different people who could be used in scenarios. And that is how they started building their business is by just selling those individual pictures. So that you can get really creative with this and you can really start looking at what are the things that you're doing that people would pay for. And, and then start adding those as one off,

Tara Bryan:

one off products that you can sell. The other thing, just I just want to emphasize this because sometimes you'll say, Well, I don't want to do, I don't want to just like sell products, I don't want to, you know, sell my things that are proprietary to what I built. Awesome. totally get that. Another option that I mentioned earlier is, you know, give them some education, spend some time, either packaging up something for somebody who maybe can't afford your services and wants to do it themselves. really dial in your process and how you do it, teach them how to do it through a course or you know, package that front end part of your your offer. So you're really having people who are ready to work with you. And you're not spending that time, you know, either educating them or getting them started or having them collect materials or all the things that happen at the beginning of a project. See if you can make that into a front end course they take that they pay for that. And then they're ready for the next step, which is working with you a little bit more specifically. So for example, for me, I help people who already own or have courses, really use them to retain and create raving fans in their business. Right? So it's less about, let me help you figure out what your course is and more about. Now you have a course how can you leverage it to really build an awesome experience that helps people, you know, retain their customers have more back end offers, and really just have those customers stay with them for life, right, like continue to provide value for them. And so often, there are just, you know, a couple of really key things that need to happen for them to take their course that's already doing okay, and take that up to the next level. And that's really what we help people do. But you have to have a course in order for that to happen, right you have to have a business already producing revenue converting offer before we really can do our magic. And so the front end of what we offer are ways to get people to where, where we want them to be in the journey. So we help them get to having a course making it be something that's a proven reoccurring revenue source. And they're ready to go. Okay, now we've got all the things dialed in. Now, how do we take it to the next level. And, and so we have a whole suite of things that we do on the front end, if we would leave all of that off, we would be leaving a lot of money on the table, because we know that we can help people be successful, both starting and as they're scaling. But our done for you is really about people who are scaling, it's not really about people who are starting, because most often, they just have to get in the game, right? So we're helping them build a, you know, build up their game. So they're really getting to the next level. Okay, so that was my corresponding secret tip for the day is look at your business or look at your potential business. And identify sort of that low hanging fruit that will help you make some additional money, package what you're doing in a different way. And also provide you that opportunity to get out of maybe some of those prerequisites. Or maybe some of those conversations that you find yourself having over and over and over and over and over again, that aren't necessarily the ones that help you take somebody to the to the next level. All right, there you go. Have a great rest of your day.



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