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Blue Rupees Episode 143 - WOTC Removes D&D Lore and FFXIV is Selling TOO Good
Episode 14319th December 2021 • The Blue Rupees Podcast • Blue Rupees Network
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00:00:00 Start

00:10:30 What’d we play?

00:43:45 What’d we get?

01:36:30 Trivia

01:57:45 Indie World

02:26:30 FF XIV is too popular

01:36:45 Splinter Cell Remake

02:54:00 PS5 Face Plates

03:09:00 Wizards of the Coast removing tons of lore

Games Gone By Schedule:

December 30th: Portal 1 and Portal 2

January 27th: Yume Nekki & Kindergarden

February 24th: Hylics 1 + Hylics 2

March 24th: Beyond Good & Evil

April 28th: Hotline Miami

May 26th: The Beginner’s Guide & Hyper Light Drifter

June 30th: Earthbound

July 28th: Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

August 25th: Dusk

September 29th: N/A

October 27th: DreadOut

November 24th: Fan vote

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