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Why Does Dan Delgado of The Industry Podcast Love Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) When He Doesn’t Love Folk Music?
Episode 2013th November 2023 • Soundtrack Your Life • Ryan Pak
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Dan Delgado, host of the Industry podcast and fellow Feedback with Earbuds list curator, joins Nicole and Ryan to talk about the Coen Brothers' 2013 film, Inside Llewyn Davis and its folk heavy, T Bone Burnett produced soundtrack. Juliard graduate, Oscar Isaac cut almost all of his tracks live, actually playing the guitar and singing.

We Discuss:

  • How this very bleak film is also very rewatchable
  • How this is an enjoyable film about folk music even for people who don't particularly care for folk music
  • The resurfacing of "Dear Mr. Kennedy" because of Star Wars
  • Some of our favorite Coen Brothers films

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