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The 50th Episode Extravaganza!!! (Pliny the Elder, Strangebird Artisanal Harvest, and Hermit Thrush Party Pop)
Episode 501st April 2022 • The Beer Reviewed Journal • Lunchador Podcast Network
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Join us as we celebrate 50 stellar episodes of the BRJ! (OK. if we're honest, it's probably like 35 stellar episodes, and 15 decent ones)

We enjoy:

  • Russian River's legendary Pliny the Elder
  • Strangebird and Steuben Brewing Company's 2022 winner for Best Collaboration beer at the NYS Craft Beer Competition, Artisanal Harvest
  • Hermit Thrush's Party Pop Strawberry, a wild fermented kettle sour

We talk about what the last two years have brought to the show, congratulate the good people at Strangebird for their win as best brewery in New York State, do an extraordinary amount of time actually talking about the beers, and celebrate the friendship that makes the BRJ what it is.

Pop some bottles with us as we celebrate episode 50, and toast (not cheers) to at least 50 more.

Thank you to Astrometrics for the use of their songs in the break: Paradroid and I Have Seen the Attack on Earth.

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Thanks to Ehrling for the use of their song "I Feel Good" as the intro and outro of our show.

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