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3 | Like Mother Like Daughter
Episode 313th May 2023 • Princess and the Pea Podcast • Annie Crowe
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Annie and her wonderful mum (Narelle) sit down and go through an online ADHD quiz to share some of their own neurodivergent traits as late-identified Autistic ADHDers.

Key topics:

04:30 Q1 zero to a hundred

05:30 Q2 listening, distractions and covid

08:25 Q3 procrastination, perfectionism, rejection sensitivity, masking

22:36 Q4 therapy types, trauma, double empathy

35:40 Q5 study and failing

40:55 Q6 chaos and organisation (executive functioning)

47:55 Q7 following up

50:50 Q8 fatigue

51:40 Q9 consistency and saying the wrong thing

55:20 Q10 demand avoidant (PDA), dopamine seeking and self-acceptance

59:50 Q11 having guests over (hide the mess)

1:03:40 Q12 no more spoons (spoon theory) and pain sensitivity

1:07:15 Q13 imposter syndrome, masking, mirroring, identity

Quiz used from Additude: (note questions in this episode are used out of order)