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Ep 116 Liam O'Dea
Episode 67 β€’ 19th September 2022 β€’ Fight Club 4 Business β€’ Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha
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Alcoholism. Bankruptcy. Miserable career. This was life before Liam finally did what we wanted to do: copywriting. It wasn't long after freelancing that he was introduced to the Home Service industry. But it was ResponsiCon 2022 that accelerated his immersion and opportunities in the industry, which led to establishing a business model devoted to providing money-making messaging to Home Service business owners at scale. Now, a sober, fulfilled man on a mission, he's here to spread the word about words (pun intended).

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πŸ“Œ[3:45]Marketing --> "It looks like the $99 guy wrote your follow-ups..."

πŸ“Œ[8:25]Best way to structure copy?

πŸ“Œ[14:13]Subject: Thank you.... You're about to have a great experience!

πŸ“Œ[14:45]Remember to focus on your customer not you!

πŸ“Œ[16:01]Give yourself permission to follow up.. You're not bugging them - you're helping them...

πŸ“Œ[17:09]Make your marketing warm and fuzzy it should be an extension of you..

πŸ“Œ[22:41]ResponsiBid is a follow up system...

πŸ“Œ[23:05]Who's coming to ResponsiCon 2023?

πŸ“Œ[23:37]How to write an email that converts....

πŸ“Œ[26:21]We should follow up for 90 days...

πŸ“Œ[26:33]The first 9 days frequency is a bit heavier

πŸ“Œ[26:41]Immediately: Email Estimate

πŸ“Œ[26:45]8 hours later: send text

πŸ“Œ[26:53]24 hours: email again

πŸ“Œ[27:01]day 3: text

πŸ“Œ[27:05]day 5: email

πŸ“Œ[27:13]day 6: email

πŸ“Œ[27:25]You are the authority on the customer journey....

πŸ“Œ[27:37]Day 6: text

πŸ“Œ[28:01]text with typo, then send follow up text correcting the typo

πŸ“Œ[28:21]day 8: email

πŸ“Œ[28:25]day 12: email

πŸ“Œ[28:53]day 16: text message

πŸ“Œ[29:17]day 16: ask them what you haven't addressed

πŸ“Œ[29:21]day 23: email

πŸ“Œ[32:17]Liam says "you have to email your list"

πŸ“Œ[33:41]How to email your list.... Warm up your audience, by saying "hey, we're finally getting with the times... before we start sending you special offers and cool information - if that's not what you're into... Call to Action --> UNSUBSCRIBE

πŸ“Œ[35:17]4 emails = $300,000 in 6 weeks....



πŸ“Œ[43:25]Overcame the discomfort... through bankruptcy & drinking...

πŸ“Œ[45:17]If you can be vulnerable & open up to people... more people want to help!

πŸ“Œ[47:33]Shout out to Melissa Walker! We love you!!



πŸ“Œ[54:13]Get a follow up sequence set up...



πŸ“Œ[58:25]Reach out to Liam -->

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