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Warlock Class Spotlight
Episode 1426th April 2021 • Advice and Advantage: How to D&D • Nick Porter and Joshua Smith
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The Warlock: Pact-Sworn Mages and Delver of Dark Secrets. Those who pick the Warlock class get to devastate their foes with powerful magics and lift themselves up with supernatural abilities.

Join Nick and Josh as they talk Pacts, Invocation, Boons, and sign on the dotted on this week's Advice and Advantage!

  • What Sets the Warlock apart from other classes?
  • Despite fewer spells slots, are they the best spell caster?
  • How to find a Patron that is right for your character!
  • Do you need to take Hex and Eldritch Blast?
  • Is Cinderella actually a powerful Warlock?

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