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How To Attract (And Retain) The Right Talent With Dov Baron
Episode 3052nd August 2017 • Smashing the Plateau • Smashing the Plateau
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Today’s guest is Dov Baron, the founder of Full Monty Leadership and the bestselling author of Fiercely Loyal; How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent.

Topics include:

  • The new interview: interviewee interviewing the interviewer
  • Why work should be soulfully purpose-driven and meaningful (and how to make it happen)
  • How to seek outside help
  • Why your plateau exists in your “normal”
  • Finding the right person to help you – someone that is not a second you
  • Why you need to start playing small

Dov Baron has been speaking internationally for over 30 years, and he is the man with a finger on the pulse of the evolving world of NextGen leadership. One of Inc. Magazines’ Top 100 Leadership Speakers to hire, Dov is a master storyteller. As the founder of Full Monty Leadership and The Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership, he is considered by many as the leading authority on Authentic Leadership. Outside of his speaking and training, Dov works with multi-disciplinary leaders and executive teams to build the bonds that create organizational cultures that become Fiercely Loyal. Dov is a bestselling author of several books, including his latest Fiercely Loyal; How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent. He also writes for and has been featured in many industry magazines, including CNN, CBS Small Business Pulse, SHRM, Yahoo Finance, Boston Globe, Business In Vancouver, USA Today, CEO, Entrepreneur, and many more.

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