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Creating Your Million Dollar Offer By Focusing On A World-Class Solution With Nida Leard
Episode 2012nd March 2023 • The 5-Minute Strategist • Diane Mayor
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Are you really providing the best solution and best experience for your clients right now? Even if you’re convinced your offer is perfect, wouldn’t you rather be sure?

Nida Leard walks you through finding the right problem, brainstorming the best solutions, and the challenges and metrics along the way.

Key Takeaway

Charging premium prices is about asking what would the richest person pay to solve this problem instantly and then asking what would your offer need to include to be worth that.

We talk about

  • The challenges of finding a world class solution
  • How to pick the problem you’re going to solve
  • Asking the right questions of the right people before you start
  • The metric to use to assess your current offer
  • A walkthrough of a start to finish best in class offer


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